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In consideration of the growing interest in books about Liverpool, The Scottie Press Online has added this page - 'Books on the Web' will keep you informed of books currently available about Liverpool and the surrounding districts.

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Scotland Road Memories
by Eddie (Ned) Burke

Former city councillor and now author Eddie (Ned) Burke recalls his childhood growing up in the city's Scotland Road area.
Price: £5.00

Scotland Road "The Old Neighbourhood"
by Terry Cooke

It had a reputation for having "a pub on every corner". But it was so much more than that. Terry's book takes a trip down the old Scotland Road. Himself a 'Scottie Roader', Terry says Scotland Road was slaughtered. The pubs, schools, churches, shops, cinemas and the cosy little back to back houses in the cobbled streets were ruthlessly bulldozed to heaps of rubble. He says that Scotland Road was more a way of life than a working class area.
Price: £8.50

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Liverpool - City of Architecture
by Quentin Hughes

This book is published by The Bluecoat Press and may need to be specially ordered. It is beautifully illustrated showing, through the careful selection of key buildings, why Liverpool has become the finest city of architecture in this country outside London.
Price: £15.99

Liverpool From The Air
by Colin Wilkinson

The book compares two time periods the 1930s and 1990s to show through aerial photography some of the effects of urban change during this century.
Price: £7.99

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Liverpool - Our City Our Heritage
by Freddy O'Connor
(Author of Liverpool - It All Came Tumbling Down)

The publication features many old photographs, maps and engravings of Liverpool to supplement a comprehensive text about the history of Liverpool.
Priced at £7.99

Liverpool - It All Came Tumbling Down
by Freddy O'Connor

Re-printed at last, this book catalogues the streets and houses of Liverpool, so many of which are now only memories. The bulldozers may have destroyed our city but the famous Liverpool 'spirit' will always remain.
Priced at £4.95

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The Pubs of Scottie Road
by Terry Cooke

This book features lots of old photographs which together with Terry's colourful narratives vividly recreate the atmosphere of 'The Pubs of Scottie Road'. So many of which are now long lost.
Price: £8.99

The Life and Times of Kitty Wilkinson
by Mike Kelly

This is the story of a remarkable woman who fought poverty and adversity to become a legend in her time.

Living in a poor part of Liverpool plagued by disease particularly cholera, she disregarded her own safety to care for the sick and dying, to take in homeless children and to teach that cleanliness was the main weapon against disease, turning her own home into a wash-house for her neighbours' benefit.

Kitty was honoured by the city of Liverpool and by Queen Victoria, and in Liverpool Cathedral there is a window depicting this remarkable woman.
Price: £7.00


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A Pub on Every Corner
by Freddy O'Connor

A History of Liverpool Pubs, 4th in a series covering Scotland Road, Everton and Anfield. (Opie Street Vaults pictured.)
Price: £9.99

'Dandy' Pat Byrne Booklet
by Mike Kelly

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In A City Living
by Ged Fagan

The much awaited pictoral record of life in inner city Liverpool by Ged Fagan. Ged spent his childhood years with in a stone's throw of many of Liverpool's most famous buildings. The author has been busy with his camera and this book is largely a photographic record of the grand, the not so grand and the derelict.
Price: £8.99

All books are available from most book shops in Liverpool City Centre including Liverpool Authors , Paulines Books and media , 'Wirral & Liverpool Books' [Local interest / Local history books, videos and prints from all of the main Wirral and Liverpool publishers] or the Internet Bookshop @ W H Smith

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